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Pension123 Layer 2 Inflation-proof pension

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Inflation-proof pension

Normally, money is worth slightly less as each year passes. The same sum of money will buy slightly less in 2018 than it did in 2017. This is called inflation. To compensate for inflation, Staples Pension Fund strives to index your accrued pension each year. This means that your accrued pension will increase each year in line with the general increase in wages or prices. This is known as an inflation-proof pension. 

It is not always possible to increase pensions in line with the increase in wages. If the financial situation is not so good, it may the case that Staples Pension Fund cannot allocate indexation, or at least not full indexation. In this case, your pension will be worth less. If the financial situation improves at a later date, additional indexation may be allocated in order to restore the purchasing power of your pension.

The indexation allocated by Staples Pension Fund in recent years for inactive participants and pensioners is shown below:

Year Indexation Price increase*
2020 1,27% 1,73%
2019 1,84%** 1,68%
2018 1,29% 1,34%
2017 0,07% 0,32%
2016 0,31% 0,44%
2015 0,28% 0,75%
2014 0,33% 0,90%
2013 0,45% 2,03%
2012 0,00% 2,33%
2011 0,35% 1,40%
2010 0,20% 0,40%
2009 1,39% 2,53%

The indexation allocated by Staples Pension Fund in recent years for active participants*** is shown below:

Year Indexation Wage increase*
2018 1,50% 1,56%
2017 1,00% 1,58%
2016 1,00% 1,23%
2015 1,00% 1,21%
2014 0,99% 0,99%
2013 1,00% 1,71%
2012 1,00% 1,58%
2011 0,64% 2,56%
2010 1,27% 2,54%
2009 1,95% 3,54%

*The wage/price increase figures are based on figures from Statistics Netherlands (CBS).
** This concerns 1.68% regular indexation and 0.16% catch-up indexation.
***Since July 1, 2018, Staples Pension Fund no longer has active participants.

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