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If the fund has a shortfall

If the fund has a shortfall

It can happen that, despite all the measures taken, Pensioenfonds Staples is still short of money to pay out all pensions in the long term. In that case, something has to be done. It is the pension administrator's task to weigh up as carefully as possible what the best solution is: no indexation or a reduction of the pension accrual. The board can also opt for a combination of measures or make other choices. In extreme cases, Pensioenfonds Staples may decide to reduce your accrued pension or pension benefit.

For more information on the financial situation of Pensioenfonds Staples, please see funding ratios. 



What is shortening?

Shortening is the reduction of the pension. This is a measure that can be taken if the financial position of the pension fund has been bad for a long time (10 years). If there has to be a reduction, this means for pensioners that their pension benefit will be reduced and for former members that their accrued pension will be reduced. The fund has not yet cut pensions.