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'Proof of living' app for pensioners abroad

4 September 2023

Do you live abroad and receive a request from us to provide 'Proof of living'? Then use the app! 

'Proof of living' app for pensioners abroad

To continue paying your pension, we ask you for a 'Proof of Living' every year. You will receive a form from us that you fill in and have signed or stamped at an official body. Since last year, this can also be done via an app. This is a lot faster and easier. Last year, 15% of pensioners abroad already used the app.

What do you need?
To send your 'Proof of living', you need the following:

  • a smartphone;
  • your proof of identity;
  • the QR code you receive from us;
  • the ReadID Ready app. 

Don't have a smartphone? Then you can use someone else's.

How does it work? 
If you live abroad, you will receive a letter from us in October. Use the app to scan the QR code in that letter. Then scan your proof of identity and take a picture of your face, a kind of selfie. Within two weeks of submitting your proof digitally, you will receive a confirmation from us.

Frequently asked questions

You can download the ReadID Ready app for free from the Apple App store or the Google Play store.

Yes, you send your "Proof of Being Alive" to all agencies.

No, you will not get a confirmation, but you will then not receive a request to send a 'Proof of being alive' to us.