Going abroad during retirement

Do you live abroad or move abroad during your retirement? If so, nothing will change in your gross pension. The following information may be relevant to you. 

  • Receiving pension benefits abroad
  • Dutch taxes
  • Health insurance
  • Proof of life 

Receiving pension benefits abroad

Transferring your pension benefit abroad has several consequences:

  • It may take longer for the pension benefit to reach your foreign account number
  • Our bank may charge costs for transferring to a foreign account number
  • The receiving bank may also charge costs.
  • The banks will deduct these costs from your pension benefit. This means that you will retain less of your pension benefit.

Dutch taxes

Even if you live abroad, you are obliged to pay tax on the pension paid in the Netherlands. That is why we have to deduct payroll tax from your pension. Do you live in a country with which the Netherlands has concluded a treaty to prevent double taxation? If so, you can request the Tax Administration to issue an exemption statement. Always state our wage tax number (806157768L01) and the name of the fund (Stichting Pensioenfonds Staples) in the request.

After receiving the exemption statement, we no longer need to deduct income tax from your pension.

Apply for exemption

Health insurance

If you emigrate to another country, your Dutch health insurance will lapse. Do you still receive a pension from the Netherlands? And are you moving to or living in a treaty country? In that case, you can claim medical care in your new country of residence. You will have to register with the CAK. You can read more about this on the CAK website. 

Proof of life 

Are you living abroad while receiving a pension from us? If so, we will assess your data every year to make sure that you are alive and entitled to the pension. This is because in the event of your death we do not receive notification from foreign bodies. The assessment takes place via the Non-Resident Registration (RNI). Are the details from the RNI insufficient? Then in October you will receive a form entitled 'Proof of Living' (attestation de vita).

Fill out the form or have it filled out

The 'proof of life' form consists of two parts. You must complete the first part yourself and have the second part completed by an authorized body. Competent authorities are, for example, a notary, municipality, embassy or consulate. On the website of the Government of the Netherlands you can enter in which country you live, and where you can go to have the second part filled in.

Choose your country or area

Upload the form via MyStaplesPension

Log in and then choose Upload Documents. Please make sure that the completed document is in jpg, jpeg, pdf or png format and is no larger than 8 MB. Uploading documents to your MyStaplesPension is fast, safe and efficient. Because the documents are directly linked to your information, we can get started on your request faster.

Log in to MyStaplesPension

Submit the form no later than December 31

Make sure we receive the form by December 31 to avoid suspending your pension benefits.

Is uploading via MyStaplesPensioen not possible? Then there are other options: