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You accrue pension in three ways

You accrue pension in three ways

A. The General Old Age Pensions Act (Algemene Ouderdomswet, or AOW)

The AOW is the statutory pension from the government for everyone who has lived or worked in the Netherlands during the 50 years prior to reaching the AOW age. The AOW age is no longer the same for everyone. You can find your AOW age on the website of the Social Insurance Bank (SVB)

Please note: if you have not always lived or worked in the Netherlands, your AOW pension may be lower.

B. The pension you accrue through your employment

The amount of this pension is shown in your Uniform Pension Statement (UPO) . You will be sent a UPO once every five years for as long as you have a pension with Staples Pension Fund. The UPO shows the retirement pension you have already accrued. The UPO also shows details of the partner's and orphan's pension. This is the pension for your partner and children if you die. You can also go to, where you will find an overview of the pension you have accrued with your employer(s).

C. Supplementary pension you have arranged yourself

You can arrange for a supplementary pension in addition to your AOW and the pension you accrue with Staples. This can be in the form of bank savings or by concluding an insurance, such as an annuity. You can also opt to accrue additional pension with Staples.