Socially responsible investing 

We take into account the environment, social aspects and good governance

Socially responsible investing means that when we invest your pension, we take into account the environment, social aspects and good governance. This is also known as ESG (environmental, social, governance). We see socially responsible investing as an integral part of the investment process. This means that SRI is applied in every step of the investment cycle, in every investment decision. The pension fund includes information on ESG factors in all investment decisions. Our objective is to pursue a responsible policy that the participants can also identify with. The fund aims to be transparent about the policy it pursues and the effects of this policy (insofar as directly visible).

Our vision of socially responsible investing

For a pension fund, the investment policy, in addition to the other financial management tools, is crucial for providing a good and affordable pension. Our vision is that socially responsible investment contributes to our long-term objective. For us, socially responsible investment is a function of the primary objectives of the pension fund.


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Using our voice

We exercise our voting rights at shareholder meetings. You can follow how we vote through our voting reports.


Starting the conversation

By engaging with the companies in which we invest, both as shareholders and as financiers, we can exert influence on these companies. This is called engagement. We report on these discussions in our engagement reports. 

What we do invest in

Click through for an overview of our listed investments. 

What don't we invest in

We have an exclusion policy for countries and an exclusion policy for companies. Read more about this on page 16 of our SRI policy.

Sustainability-related disclosures

You can find the following documents here:

  • Adverse effects of investment decisions on sustainability factors not considered
  • Notes sustainability information Staples Pension Fund
  • Information on integration of sustainability risks into policies and investment decisions
  • PCD Staples pension fund
  • Information on the remuneration policy of Staples Pension Fund