About the pension fund

Our company has its own Pension fund: Stichting Pensioenfonds Staples (Pension fund Staples). This foundation manages the pension scheme and is legally independent of the Staples companies in the Netherlands.


Management Support

Blue Sky Group in Amstelveen provides administrative support, the implementation of the communication and the participants and financial administration.
Here also the affiliated employers find general information about the fund. In addition, Blue Sky Group is the contact for matters concerning the administration and any complaints.

The Board

The Pension fund has a board formed by representatives of employers and employees. The board consists of eight members, of which 4 are appointed by the Management Board (employer board members); and 4 are chosen by the CWC (2 Participant board members), and the Vereniging Gepensioneerden Buhrmann/ CE/Staples (2 pensioners board members).

The Accountability Body

The members of the Accountability Body supervise the actions of the board regarding the policy and how it is implemented.
The Accountability Body consists of two representative on behalf of the employer, one on behalf of the participants, one on behalf of the former participants and three on behalf of the pensioners.

Internal supervision

The Pension fund ensures the organization of the internal supervision. This includes assessing the policy- and administrative procedures, internal controls, how the execution of the scheme is managed and controlled and how risk management is being dealt with. The Board of the Pension fund has established the internal supervision by appointing a review committee.

Investment committee 

The Pension fund has an investment committee that consists of a number of (Deputy) Board members, a representative on behalf of the affiliated companies, a representative on behalf of the pensioners and external experts.

The HR-department

The HR-department passes on all mutations which are important for the pension scheme to the department keeping the salary records. The HR-department can also answer your general questions on the pension scheme.

The pension service department

The executive duties in respect of determining pension entitlements, payments and financial administration have been contracted out to the Blue Sky Group. Some examples of tasks that Blue Sky Group performs for our Pension fund:

• the administration of the entitlements of participants and former participants;
• payment of the benefits to the retired participants;
• providing the Uniform Pension Overview (UPO)
• collecting the necessary data for and compiling of the annual accounts of the Pension fund;
• the performance of the financial administration of the Pension fund (other than the investment administration);
• carry out any other tasks arising from the pension scheme.
Blue Sky group is an independent, professional organization dedicated to supporting pension funds. Blue Sky Group does not form a part of an insurer or financial service. Blue Sky Group performs various activities for more than 70,000 participants, former participants and retired participants of different pension funds. They employ approximately 130 people. They are engaged in pension administration, communication, management support, asset management and consultancy.

As an employee of a company of Staples should you have questions about your pension please contact in the first instance your HR department. They will if necessary contact the Pension fund department. 

Buhrmann/CE/Staples Pensioners Association

The association was founded on January 3, 2002 and currently has circa 1,000 members. The objective of the association is "promoting the interests of its members and those who can be members, in particular with regard to current or future pensions or claims to pension from the Pension fund Staples and in general promoting the interests in the social-economic field of said members and potential members.”

The Supervisor

De Nederlandsche Bank, as an independent agency, supervises all pension funds and insurance companies. (please see: www.dnb.nl)

The Sociale Verzekeringsbank (SVB)

Around 6 months before you reach your AOW-age you can claim your AOW-pension here. If you are registered in the Dutch municipal register, you will automatically receive an application form (please see: www.svb.nl).