News release

Staples Netherlands bankruptcy does not affect Staples Pension Fund Foundation

20 October 2023

On Oct. 18, it was announced that office wholesaler Staples Nederland B.V. has been declared bankrupt. Although this is a very unpleasant situation for the employees, it has no consequences for Stichting Pensioenfonds Staples or for the pension money managed by the pension fund.

This is because Stichting Pensioenfonds Staples (SPS) is a closed pension fund and has had no active members since July 1, 2018. Therefore, no more pension accrual takes place at SPS. The fund was closed to new accrual and the administration agreement with the former employer was also terminated at that time.  

All pensions built up to July 1, 2018 for those participants remain with the pension fund. The bankruptcy of office wholesaler Staples Netherlands does not change that.

Our ambition is to manage the resources entrusted to the fund in such a way that everyone who participates in our fund, now and in the future, receives a good pension. In doing so, the board tries to grow pensions in line with price increases each year.