News release

Findings of the satisfaction survey

6 October 2021

The pension fund held a survey in April to find out how satisfied you are with your pension fund. We were keen to find out from you what we are doing right and where we can improve.

A total of 540 participants took part in the survey. This has given us a good idea of what you think of the fund. We very much appreciate your cooperation. The overall impression is very positive. Participants who have already retired were more satisfied with the pension fund than those who are not yet receiving pension. The pensioners gave the pension fund an average score of 8.4, compared to 7.6 in 2017. The average score from participants not yet receiving pension was 7. In 2017, their average score was 6.4.

The pensioners were satisfied with the information they receive from the pension fund, giving an average reporting score of 8.3. They also gave a very good score on service of 8.4. The information provided by e-mail and the digital newsletter were the most widely read. The pensioners stated that they wished to continue to be well informed regarding the pension fund, the risks and the costs. At the pension fund, we will take this into account. Participants not yet receiving a pension gave a clearly lower score of 6.6 on the information provided. We will look at how we can improve our provision of information for these participants. We started organising online pension webinars at the end of last year. These webinars are possibly not yet sufficiently widely known, or they do not adequately meet requirements. We will investigate this further.