Authorities & committees

Beleggings- en controle commissie

Investment committee

R.A.L. Monnens, chairman
F.P. Lamein, candidate member

Fiduciair manager
BNP Paribas Investment Partners

External expert
B.P.H. Puijn
M. Iglesias del Sol

Willis Towers Watson Netherlands

Risk manager


Accountability authority

Representative on behalf of the affiliated companies
Mr. R. Pauptit

Representative on behalf of the participants and the former participants

Ir. G. Altena, secretary

Representative on behalf of the pensioners

Drs. H. Winkel, chairman
D. de Rooij 
H.B. Albers


Internal supervision

The pension fund is responsible for the organization of the Internal Supervision. This involves assessing the policy and management procedures, internal control, the way the implementation of the scheme is managed and controlled and the way it handles risk management.
The Internal Supervision is carried out by the review committee at our fund.
Our review committee consists of:

  • Mrs. A. Doornink
  • Mr. Ir. N. Swagers
  • Mr. Drs. L.G. van den Hoek AAG