Dutch State Pension (AOW)

When will you receive your AOW-pension?

You will receive AOW pension as from the day you reach your AOW pension age.


You turn 66 on 19 May. You will receive your first AOW-pension as from 19 May. The AOW will always be remitted around the 23 of each month.

The AOW pension age is being gradually increased to 66 and 4 months in 2020. 

Increase of the AOW-age fits within the development that people live longer, stay healthier longer and thus are able to work longer. This way, the AOW also stays affordable for future generations. You will be informed 5 years in advance. Find out your expected AOW-age at www.svb.nl .

AOW and the abolition of the supplementary allowance in 2015

If you were born after 1949 you are not entitled to a supplementary allowance with the AOW.

On reaching the AOW-pension age

The AOW-pension is not the same for everyone. The amount of your AOW pension depends on:

  • whether you live on your own or with someone else
  • the number of years you have been insured under the AOW scheme

Each year the amount of your AOW-pension will be adjusted.

The amounts mentioned below are for 2015. 

If you live on your own

If you live on your own you will receive € 1.187,43 (net, without tax credit, 2020). Also, you will receive a holiday allowance which is paid in May of each year. 

You are married or living with a partner

If you are married or living with a partner you will receive € 943,26 (net, without tax credit, 2020). Also, you will receive a holiday allowance which is paid in May of each year. If your partner has reached the AOW- pension age also, he or she receives  the same allowance.


If you have not always lived or worked in the Netherlands

If you have lived or worked outside the Netherlands between age 15 and AOW-pension age, you may get a lower pension as a result. For every year that you are insured, you build up rights to 2% of the full AOW pension. For every year that you have not lived in the Netherlands, you will receive 2% less AOW pension. For example, if you came to live in the Netherlands at age 28, your AOW pension will be 26% lower.

If you think you do not have sufficient (pension)income

Apart from your AOW you are also entitled to a pension of Stichting Pensioenfonds Staples. Would you like to know your income after retirement? Then please take a look at our pension in MyStaplesPension. Also, on the site www.mijnpensioenoverzicht.nl you can find a complete overview of your pension allowances.

If you think your company pension together with your AOW-pension is not enough, then please timely take measures, such as saving money or consult with your employer whether you can continue to work a bit longer. For example you could save money in an annuity insurance or in a bank.

More information on AOW-pension?

Should you like to learn more on AOW-pension, then please visit: https://www.svb.nl/int/nl/aow/sitemap.jsp