Pension 123 Layer 2

Average pay

You accrued pension in an average salary scheme

Each year, untill july 2018, you accrued pension on a part of your salary up to € 82,700 that you have earned in that year. You did not accrue pension on your whole salary. Your pension fund took account of the AOW you will receive from the government when you reach your AOW age. The part of your salary on which you do not accrue pension is known as the state pension offset. You accrue retirement pension at the annual rate of 1.738% of your salary up to € 82,700 less the state pension offset. The total pension you accrue is the sum of all years plus indexation if applicable. From your retirement date, you receive this pension every month for as long as you live. This is known as an average salary scheme.

Is your salary higher than € 105,075? In that case you can accrue pension entitlements on the top component of your salary in a separate net pension scheme. The accrued entitlements are not administered by Staples Pension Fund. This pension 1-2-3  is only concerned with the basic pension scheme. Your employer will answer any questions you may have about the net scheme.