News release

Pension increase from 1 January 2019

24 December 2018

The pension fund’s financial position is sufficient to allocate the entire supplement. The pensions of retirees and former members will be raised by 1.68%. The fund has also decided to allocate a catch-up supplement of 0.16%.

Statutory rules have to be taken into account when allocating a supplement. The pension fund many only allocate a full supplement if its policy funding ratio stands at 121.9%. The policy funding ratio was 123.5% at the end of November, which is high enough to allocate the full supplement. The supplement of 1.68% is equal to the increase in prices according to the consumer price index of CBS.
A catch-up supplement of 0.16% will be allocated in addition to the annual supplement on 1 January 2019, to compensate for part of the supplement missed in the past.
The final decisions on supplements are always taken by the board. You can found further details of the supplements policy here.