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Work on the december checklist!

18 December 2023

The end of the year is in sight. The right time to look back on the year and look forward to 2024. Did you know that a lot of life events have consequences for your pension?

To make it easy for you we have the December checklist, which you can use to see if you need to take action. Are you doing the Decembercheck?

Changes in your personal life

Are there any changes this past year in your personal life?
For example:

  • Did you get married this year, moved in with your partner or did you ento a registerd partnership? See here what you need to arrange. 
  • Did you get a divorce, did you start living alone or has your registerd partnership ended? See here what you neet to arrange and prevent any surprises. 
  • Can we congratulate you with a baby? Check what we arranged for your child in our pension fund.
  • Did you move abroad? Read more information about moving abroad here

Retire now or retire later?

Are you retiring in 2024? Then this is a special year for you. If you retire there are a couple choices you have to make. For example:

  • You can choose to convert part of your retirement pension into additional pension for your partner. You can read more information here
  • You can choose to start with a higher pension payment and later a lower pension payment. You can read more information here
    In the planner you can see the concequenses of these choices. Do yo wish to stop working earlier than your 67th? Read more information on that here.

Check your pension

Make sure we have the right information about you. So we can reach you soon.
Check the list below:

  • Is your emailadress correct in MyStaplesPension and is this still accurate? 
  • Are you signed up to our digital newsletter?
    With the digital newsletter you will be the first to know the latest news and invites to events.
  • Did you check the UPS of 2023 yet? 
  • Did you read all the digital post?

The best wishes for 2024

We hope you have had an amazing year and that you will have an amazing year. Don't forget about us in 2024. We hope that we helped you get your pension in order. And for now for a new years resolution: Check your pension every once in a while! Together we can make your future. 

Happy Holidays!