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News New in MijnStaplesPensioen: change account number and upload documents via My details


We have made it a lot easier to communicate changes to us. From now on you can immediately change an account number and upload documents and forms to Pension Service.

Change account number
Log in with DigiD with SMS control and you can change your account number directly and without hassle under My details. You will then receive your next pension payment on your new account number.

Upload documents
Do you want to send a completed and signed form to Pension Service? Or send your cohabitation contract? From now on, this can also be done digitally via MijnStaplesPensioen. Log in with DigiD with SMS control and via My data you can upload the document directly to Pension service. Saves a stamp again! You can upload the following files: .JPG, .PNG, .JPEG, .PDF and up to 6 MB per documents.

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