News release

Digital 'Proof of life' for retirees abroad

26 September 2022

Do you live abroad and receive a pension from us? Then you are probably familiar with the annual sending of your 'Proof of living'. We have good news: starting this year, you can send your proof via an app.

'Proof of life' via an app

To continue paying the pension, we ask for a "Proof of Living" every year. You then receive a form from us that you fill out and have signed or stamped at an official agency. This is a lot of hassle in some countries: for example, you have to travel for it, incur expenses or the proof has to travel to us for a long time. From now on, this can be done a lot faster and easier via an app.

What do you need?

To send your "Proof of Living" you will need a smartphone, your ID and the QR code you receive from us. Don't have a smartphone yourself? Then you can use someone else's.

How does it work?

If you live abroad, you will receive a letter from us. Use the app to scan the QR code in your letter. Then scan your proof of identity and take a picture of your face, a kind of selfie. Within two weeks after you submit your proof digitally, we will send you a confirmation.

Good to know

Do you normally always receive your pension mail digitally? Then you will receive the request to submit your 'Proof of Living' twice: both via your e-mail and by mail. You only have to respond once.

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