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Communication policy

The Pension Fund has set itself the target of further improving customer focus and guaranteeing and improving service and communication satisfaction. The members are at the heart of this.

Balance between providing and acquiring information 

A balance between providing and acquiring information will be sought in communications. If the Pension Fund ensures that the information is available at a logical place for the participant, the participant will be more encouraged to delve deeper. An initial step towards this is to provide a good first information level, in which the most important information can be found quickly. However, the ball is also in the participant’s court: the information will be made available and accessible. The Pension Fund accepts that not everyone can be encouraged in this way and is realistic in this respect.


Digital communication

Communications will be configured in the most (cost-) efficient way possible. Amongst other things, this will be achieved by further digitisation of supply of information. This does not just save the fund money but also allows it to analyse which forms of communication work and what information members are looking for and consulting.

Former participants and retirees

Since this fund is a closed fund, there are former participants and a growing group of retirees. They have to be properly informed about the (financial) position of the Pension Fund and have confidence in the Fund. To achieve that, the Pension Fund must be transparent about the aims and activities of the Fund, via recognisable topics – for example an explanation about the Investment Policy, the management of the Fund, the risks faced and the decisions made by the Board of Trustees. When doing this, the Pension Fund will not lose sight of the balance between transparency and information overload. 

Specific communication plan

The Pension Fund produces an Annual Communication Plan each year. This contains specific activities that the Pension Fund aims to implement during that year with regard to communications. In all of its communication statements the Pension Fund pays due regard to its legal requirements for providing information. The Fund also aims to ensure effective feedback from its members. 

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